5 – fasting day 1

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Almost at the end of day one of the fast – this was both more and less difficult than the last time I remember.

Easier because I’m not actually hungry, there is sort of a constant nagging from the stomach, but nothing that is really difficult to ignore (or to shut down with a glass of water). The family (of course) continues to eat, and that is a bit more difficult to stomach – so to speak – so I have not spent time with them at the table. Still the smell of freshly made Lasagne is a strong detractor.

More difficult because I had quite strong headache most of the afternoon and evening, and felt quite weak from time to time. I spent a couple of hours in bed – not sleeping, but just lying there, feeling miserable :) Also, we spent a couple of hours cleaning out or basement, and Daniela and I took a nice long walk in the afternoon.

Now, after another 2 hours of dozing, I actually feel quite good – just a slight headache remains.

Stuff consumed:

Lots of water, mixed herbal tea (mint), 1 dl of freshly squeezed orange juice and maybe 1.5 dl of vegetable broth (without any vegetables in it, of course) – and 30 g of Sodium Sulfate in the morning.

Weight loss: 800g from yesterday to today

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