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by Jens-Christian Fischer. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

Tomorrow marks the start of my third Ruby On Rails course. It’s going to be a 3 day course with a (somewhat lengthy) introduction to Ruby (and some of the joys of programming in a very dynamic language) with the rest of the time devoted to Rails. I firmly believe in hands-on training, so the amount of lecturing is minimal. And there are only 5 or 6 participants in the class. They will build an application from scratch – either something from their domain (or if they don’t have any idea) an application that I have thought out.

The course materials consist of the two books “Programming Ruby” and “Agile Web Development with Rails”. In addition, I created a 20+ page summary of the most used Rails commands, functions, classes. It’s based partly on the book and mostly on the source code and it’s documentation. Consider it a giant “cheat sheet” for rails.

I release it under a [Creative Commons][1] license.

There’s the PDF version [rails-reference-1.1.pdf][2] (480 kb) and the [HTML version][5] and you can check out the source code (it’s all written in plain text [Markdown][3]) in the [Subversion repository][4]. The [Changelog][7] will tell you what has changed.

Comments, feedback, corrections are welcome! Oh – and if you like it, feel free to [Digg it][6]

The guide will always be free, but if you’d like, you can buy me a beer by pressing the nice PayPal Donation button here:

[1]: http://creativecommons.org
[2]: http://blog.invisible.ch/files/rails-reference-1.1.pdf
[3]: http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/
[4]: http://invisible.ch/projects/browser/rails-seminar/doc
[5]: http://blog.invisible.ch/files/rails-reference-1.1.html
[6]: http://digg.com/programming/ruby_on_rails_reference_cheatsheet
[7]: http://blog.invisible.ch/files/changelog.html

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97 comments on ‘Ruby On Rails Reference’

  1. This is an excellent convergent doc on all the core Rails elements. Your invested time is much appreciated!

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  4. Volker says:

    A great and helpful tool. Thanks!

  5. [...] I found this pdf over at the InVisible Blog. This is a great shortcut reference to commonly used things when programming in Ruby on Rails. I’m not sure how I lived without this for so long. There is a HTML version here or download the original pdf here. [...]

  6. I can’t live without it. Thanks a lot.

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  9. CableGuy says:

    Great! Ruby on Rails Reference is all we need…. :)

  10. This is one of the best beginner Rails reference docs I’ve seen. It’s been very helpful to me as I learn. Thanks. Greetings

  11. Robert says:

    Great idea and a famous job.

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  13. jh says:

    Tnks! This is what I’ve been looking for, also as a short reference.

    PS: it seems you need an anty-spam solution

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  15. This is one of the best beginner Rails reference docs I’ve seen. It’s been very helpful to me as I learn. Thanks. Greetings

  16. neoline says:

    Thats great that you shared this reference. Thank you very much

  17. sam says:

    thanks a ton–i’m diving into programming cold because i have a specific web site i want to design, and i need all the help i can get.

    thanks a lot!

  18. Brautmode says:

    I found this page on google because I`m looking for solution for a Rails problem. And I think I found it in your sheet. I will check it out now, but thanks at this time for your support.

  19. Thats great that you shared this reference.
    Fantastic article covering some points I really needed some good usability info for.
    Best regards from Poland
    Tanie linie lotnicze

  20. Ari says:

    Great reference, thanks!

    Have you thought about updating the reference to Rails 1.2?

  21. Administrator says:

    Yes – that’s planned… It will take some time, because I have quite a few things moving right now

  22. ant21 says:

    Fantastic! Really thanks for your hard work. Google takes me here looking for solutions. It’s a very useful reference.

  23. Vasudev Ram says:

    A very useful reference.
    Thanks a lot!

    Vasudev Ram

  24. Ivan says:

    Wow. That’s great! Thanks for the nice article.
    Centro Software Libre

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  26. otilie says:

    Interesting site. Thanks for the useful informations. Keep up the good work.

  27. kontakt says:

    thanks for the reference (pdf)!

  28. grty says:

    This is one of the best beginner Rails reference docs I’ve seen. It’s been very helpful to me as I learn. Thanks. Greetings

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  30. Interesting site. Thanks for the useful informations.

  31. Dmitry says:


    Weill be such reference for rails 1.2 available ?



  32. Rainer says:

    That’s a very nice move – to publish your ROR course for free. Next week I will start my first Rails project, and I am pleased at your tips.

  33. Andy says:

    great reference. handy to have a pdf to search locally too!

  34. RailsNuby says:

    @71 – This really is a great reference. Is a 1.2 version still in the works? If so, do you have a timeline? If not, will you re-release the source so that others can update it? (I couldn’t access the subversion version via the published link – http://invisible.ch/projects/browser/rails-seminar/doc ).

  35. Administrator says:

    Yes it still is in the works and will hopefully surface RSN…

    I’ll look into the SVN problem…

  36. Nic says:

    Thanks a bunch for the PDF as im learning Ruby at the moment it has proven very useful.

  37. WIllem de Ru says:

    Thanks, this is an excellent help! And I am also looking forward to the 1.2 version. Thanks!

  38. Mario Wunder says:

    hi, thanks for the many information – Currently I am busy in studying ROR…. I love it.

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  40. Muhammed says:

    Short n sweet reference, thanks for sharing…

  41. Dan says:

    Thanks for this reference!

    Any chance of a Rails 2.0 version soon?


  42. kane77 says:

    Thanx.. this is great reference!

    will there be updated version, as quite a few things have changed in 2.0 rails..

  43. [...] This reference guide is © 2006 by InVisible GmbH (http://www.invisible.ch) and released under a Creative Commons license (see end for details). More information and a PDF version of this document can be found at http://blog.invisible.ch/2006/05/01/ruby-on-rails-reference/. Do you find this reference useful? It will always be free, but if you like to buy me a beer, consider using the handy Donation button to do so [...]

  44. mr49 says:

    im new in learning ROR,,,,,, n find this blog very informatic….
    but since last two days when i try to open this blog, i got the message HTTP 404 Not Found….
    plz solve this problem…

    thnx in advancd


  45. FA says:

    Thanks for this cheat sheet, This is really helpful to me to get started with ROR.

    I am trying to download rails-reference-1.1.pdf but this PDF link is giving me “Error 404 – File not Found” error. Link I am using is:
    Link http://blog.invisible.ch/files/rails-reference-1.1.pdf

    Can I download this file from anywhere?

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